Thursday, February 2, 2017

First Gymnastics Competition

Let's do this!
Emma has been wanting to do artistic gymnastics for the longest time. Her best friend, Claire, had been giving her tips and stretching challenges for nearly a year and a half before Emma was able to start training at a local gym. It was so cute to see how-to videos come through text messages and to hear the girls video chatting regularly with Claire coaching Emma through different moves. Thank you, Claire for being an inspiration and amazing virtual coach from Ukraine!

Getting final tips from Coach Lara before floor routine

Usually new students are not allowed to compete in competitions until they have completed a full year of training. Therefore, you can imagine our surprise when Coach Lara told Emma after two months that she thought she was good enough and ready to participate in her first competition in January. Emma was elated with the news and continued to push herself in the gym week after week.

She has been twirling around, throwing up her arms and holding poses at random times all around the house over the past couple of months. The constant banging on the floor is a steady reminder of her practicing jumps and moves in her room. No matter. It has been a joy and sheer delight to see her embrace this sport whole heartedly and see her pursuing her dreams. It has never been about anything other than just having fun and doing something she is passionate about.

Girls from her club-Fenix Nova Gym
This past weekend she participated in her first competition in Castano Primo, which is a suburb of Milan. She participated in the individual competition for the Junior Corallo Level, basically the middle school level for beginners. There were a lot of gymnasts! She completed all three events of trampoline, beam and floor in back to back rotations.

...perfect landing!
She was so calm, composed and confident for her first time in front of a crowd. I think she gets her performance bone from her dad because she did not appear nervous at all! We stood back and watched in awe wondering how our little girl grew up so quickly!

Beam routine

Filing out for awards ceremony
Participants for her level
Allieve and Junior "Corallo" level from her club

She was glowing with excitement on the success of her first competition and so happy with her participation medal!
Here is a video of her performances. She wants me to note that the music got cut short on her floor routine, so that is why it looks like she didn't finish with the music.

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Munga and Gramma said...

So proud of you! You did a fabulous job! No one would ever know you had only been doing gymnastics for a few months. We love you!

Gramma and Munga