Friday, April 7, 2017

Double "1"

Luca - 11 Years
Our most favorite youngest son turned 11years old the end of March. It is always a joy to celebrate the lives of our children and to reflect on how they have grown over the past year. Luca is a pretty special kid full of energy and life. He has grown so much in confidence this past year giving boldness to his speech in Italian, achievement in school and growth in friendships. He often will question with frustration why he struggles with things his siblings don't, but we assure him that God is using his weaknesses to make him stronger and more dependant on Jesus. God has made him with purpose, beautifully created with infinite value to his Creator and his parents.

Luca, you are a gift and blessing to our family! You make us smile and laugh. Your cuddles and hand holding with your Mamma are cherished. Somehow we still both manage to fit in the recliner together even though you are stretching in height with each passing day. It is a comfort to us both and we have learned to work well all squished together. We pray that God will continue to develop your heart into one of love and obedience for Him. We love you so much, Luca, always and matter what!!!

This year your birthday fell on a Wednesday. You enjoyed bringing treats to school to celebrate with your classmates before coming home for a 3 hour break in your school day, as is typical for Wednesdays. Then it was back to school followed by chess club. We picked up Superstar pizza for dinner, followed by ice cream. The cake was complete but you insisted that we save it for when a couple of your friends came over to celebrate on Friday afternoon.

The Kingstone Bible...look I'm like Moses with the 10 commandments!
What Samuel gets in February for his birthday is usually a request for your birthday.
Friday afternoon you consumed more pizza and had a fun afternoon of nerf and laser tag and table games before heading off to chess club. Thanks for being flexible and accommodating during a very busy week. Here's to making your 11th year one of the best yet!

Star Wars BB-8 Cake

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Munga and Gramma said...

A very special happy birthday to our precious Luca!

I see you got a Yahtzee are the master game player of the family. We love to play with you but never expect to win as you are an expert! Munga and I miss you lots and love you even more. We are so excited to see how God is growing you and are so proud of your courage to try new things, especially those challenging chess tournaments! We can't wait to see you in August. Love you tons!

Munga and Gramma