Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Day of School

The 2016-2017 school year concluded on June 9th. This was a milestone school year for our family with the closing of a chapter in our lives. We no longer have elementary age school children! That means no more walking to and from school with our children. No more gathering and conversing with parents at school gates. No more long days of school because now everyone will be done with school each day at 2:00pm. And a whole lot more of little things that I probably won't notice until September begins again.

My Elementary and Middle School Graduates
Sadly, there is no fan fare or graduation ceremonies nor any kind of special recognition made for the students who have worked SO hard over the course of five years in elementary school or three years in middle school. That is left to the parents and depending on how tightly knit that group is for each class determines the level of corporate celebration. Luca's class was all smiles when exciting school on their final day, a complete contrast to the tears and affection for Emma's class. Class 5A came out and said goodbye just as if it was any other day of school.

Luca bringing up the rear
His graduation cap was on a cup with a poem from his teacher inside
Classroom decorations were torn down and given to the kids to take home. Thankfully this was not Luca's too keep.
After school we headed to the park for the annual picnic for Luca's class. The traditional water fight ensued all afternoon and this last hoopla marked the end of Luca's elementary years. We did gather on Sunday night with two families that are close friends from Luca's class to celebrate over homemade pizza in a more intimate setting.

Arriving home from dinner at 12:30am had its benefits as we were able to see the "Strawberry Moon". Pictures don't do it justice! It was SO pretty! Did anyone else see it? 
We will receive Luca's report card on June 23, but we are sure he did wonderful. He has come a really long way and has had lots of hurdles to surpass along the way. We are greatly encouraged as we look back and she how much growth he has made since first grade. We could not be prouder of him!!

Emma is stuck in the middle of her brothers and will maintain status quo this year moving from 7th (seconda media) to 8th grade (terza media). She received her report card on June 13 and is soaring with high marks across the board. Emma has very strong study skills and is so self-conscious of her work that you almost want to tell her to chill and relax. For example, she began her summer vacation homework before school even ended and has not let up this first week of summer. But I suppose she is like me in which she likes to do things just so she can check things off her list.

She was treated to a haircut at the salon when school let out. 
Emma had eight works of art chosen for an end of the year art display at her school. She thought that her teacher chose her bad ones. haha! She is a talented artist and hopefully we will get them back in the fall to keep.

The gondola is by Emma
Top left and top right are Emma's

Bottom left, bottom middle and right middle by Emma
Samuel concluded his classes on June 9th as well, however the following two weeks are dedicated to both written exams and oral exams before he officially concludes his 8th grade year. Stay tuned for more on this unbelievable and intense conclusion to middle school...

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Munga and I are so proud of all your fine accomplishments! We love you!