Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tumble and Twist

It wasn't but a half hour into the school day--the first day after Easter break--when my phone rang and I saw the middle school's ID number pop up. I always have to take a deep breath before answering that number because it almost always brings bad news from the other end. Sure enough it was the voice of Emma's gym teacher calling me to say that Emma took a tumble while running and I needed to come get her because she could not bear weight on her foot and she heard a crack.

After I hurriedly finished getting dressed, I went to the school and retrieved Emma. It was a long hop to the car since I could not carry her nor did she want two 8th grade boys carrying her to the car. The gym teacher insisted that we would need to get it checked out at the ER since the accident took place on school property. Ugh, poor Emma...poor us!

When we got home Jonathan and I had to strategize how best to work an undetermined amount of time at the ER into our day. Jonathan was having a bad day himself physically after coming off an intense Easter weekend of ministry on top of returning gut pain and no energy. Therefore, for the first time in Kleis family history I attended a child in the Italian ER all by myself. Jonathan drove us and carried Emma into the hospital and then went back home to wait for our call when we were done. We didn't know how long it would take and someone needed to be home to let the boys in when they got home from school.

Chillin' while waiting to get x-ray done

I brought a sack of food, water, reading material and a back up charger for what could be a long day. We arrived at 10am and thankfully things moved along really quickly. An orthopedic assessment, x-rays, return to the orthopedic doctor and check-out were all amazingly accomplished in just 2 hours! Alleluia!

Casting...and she had her good pair of jeans on that we had to cut!

The good and bad news of it all was that Emma did not break any bones, but did sprained her ankle tendon pretty bad. So bad that they put her in a cast for one week. Not the ideal way to extend one's vacation. She attempted to return to school after two days of rest, but could only endure 2-3 hours a day since she was required to keep her foot elevated. It was a very long and miserable week for her laid up on the couch, but she was a trooper.

Sleeping, studying and permanent resting place for a week
On Wednesday, she got her cast removed. The ankle is still very tender and painful to bear weight. She was advised to use crutches for 5 more days and not do any sports for another two weeks. We are praying it heals well and quickly for her.

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Munga and Gramma Kleis said...

Oh, sweet Emma, we are so sorry that this happened! We have been praying for you and for perseverance and patience through this challenge. So glad the cast is off! We love you!

Munga and Gramma