Saturday, December 1, 2018

Emma's Fourteenth Birthday

Fourteen - November 2018
photo credit: Samuel
Our beautiful daughter is growing into such a lovely young lady and we are so proud of her. If you know Emma, you know that she has a smile that lights up a room, radiating joy and love to all whom she greets. People often comment or ask her "Emma, you are always smiling! How?!" 

She is one of the most genuine and honest people I know (maybe a little too blunt at times) but you never have to wonder where she stands on issues or with you. I have my little box of letters saved from you, all doors to greater conversations, and I am so thankful that you don't keep stuff hidden or locked inside. It is a blessing to us as parents that you open up your heart--crazy teen hormones, amygdala speak and all!

Emma, you have a compassion and heart for others, always seeking to help, serve and be an encouragement to those around you. It's no wonder your classmates constantly reach out to you for private tutoring help. You find it a joy to help them and it is becoming more obvious that God has gifted you in a unique way--you would make a remarkable teacher!

You cannot go a day without reading your Bible and praying. It is your habit before bed each night, no matter how late or how tired--you just must! Truly it has been a joy and inspiration to see you faithfully reading. You received a coloring journal Bible for your birthday from Munga and Gramma and it was the best gift. May God's word continue to be treasured and penetrate your heart as you grow in your love for Jesus and walk faithfully with him.

This year you have continued to grow and develop your passion for music. From the piano to ukelele, guitar and now electric guitar aspirations, your voice is an added beauty to everything you play. Maybe this coming year will be your "big debut" for your family to hear. We are so proud of you for taking voice lessons and the courage it takes to be vulnerable in that way. Again, we are so excited to see your growth in this area. Keep up the great work! You are amazing!

Thank you for your grace towards your Mamma in taking nearly a month to write this birthday post! Your special day was on November 4, and even though it was a long holiday weekend we spent it quietly at home and celebrating with just us and our church family. It was what you wanted in the end instead of a party with friends.

Your birthday cake request was for an Italian cake. So I made Pan di Spagna for the very first time, filled the cake with Italian Vanilla Crema and chocolate chips, then covered it in "the good" buttercream, and topped it with a chocolate ganache and sprinkles. You were right, it was one of the best tasting cakes I've made.

Your brother, Samuel, gave you a special gift by doing a photo shoot of you on your birthday weekend. Thank you for being a willing model. It was a special bonding time for you both and warmed our hearts to see you together. Photography and nature are so relaxing and stress relieving for him, and adding your company just made the experience all the more life-giving. Samuel returned with much enthusiasm ready to edit pictures of his beautiful sister. Here is a sampling...

Emma, we love you so much more than words can say! You are special, treasured, and loved always and forever, no matter what!

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Gramma Kleis said...

Our sweet, sweet, Emma-
It is with tears in my eyes that I read this lovely post from your Mama. You are such a gift to us and we are so thankful to have you in our lives! We are excited to see how God uses you and are so grateful to have a chance to share in your journey. We will see you soon!

Gramma for Munga and Gramma