Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunny California

California is living up to it's reputation of beautiful and perfect weather. We certainly have enjoyed the sunshine and have realized that the sunbeams do indeed shine brighter here. After a week and a half we have defined tan lines even without stepping foot on a beach. We will have our share of beach time next week as we will be tent camping at the beach from Wednesday to Saturday. It will be a blast to have such consentrated time with Ben, Melissa & Maddie, Cody (just returned home from Iraq) and Papa & Nano. I'm sure we will have adventure stories to tell come next weekend.

We were so excited and thankful to have seen Great Campa shortly after arriving here. He is still in a rehab center and we pray for the Lord's guidance for the doctors and my parents as decide what is the next and best step for his care. He has really poor circulation in his lower legs that is then giving him ulcers that will not heal and so he will be having some testing next week to see how that issue can be addressed. His spirits are always so positive and he was thrilled to see his great grandkids and to meet Luca for the first time.

This week the kids enjoyed going to Papa's farm and riding tractors. It was a terribly windy day and the dirt was flying through the air as they raced down the fields and roads. There were a number of tractors and Papa was gracious to let them test out each one. They would be content to ride all day with Papa. So here are some pictures from our California adventures thus far.

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tara said...

it looks like you guys are having a wonderful time! how fun to camp at the beach, I'll be waiting to hear about your adventures camping with the kids...please tell all of your family a special hello from us=)