Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Snow Fun

Friday morning we woke up to falling snow and a good fresh coat lay on the ground from the night before. The kids were excited for the snow and since this morning brought with it sunshine, it was the perfect day to romp around in the yard. I dug out the snow pants from the garage, happy to know that I had a pair for each child in their appropriate size. All the kids were so excited about the snow bibs that they have been wearing them all day. Emma and Luca insisted on napping with them on. I'm sure they will soon wake up in a sweat. I just picked up a pair of snow boots for Emma yesterday because she'll need them for her school snow trip in a few weeks. She was happy to test them out this morning.

Despite our lack of a sled we tried to improvise using a storage bin lid. Unfortunately, it didn't work too well even with our sloping driveway.

I had a flashback of using a shovel as a sled for the few times we went to the snow in the mountains as a kid growing up in California. So with our wide scoop shovel we gave it a go and it worked wonderfully! Jonathan got his workout pulling the kids around and the kids were giddy with delight for the increased speed and doughnuts they were spun into by him. It was a good morning enjoyed by all!


Ben and Melissa said...

So fun!! Glad you guys were able to get the shovel to work!

Munga and Gramma said...

It looks like you had SO much fun!
And thank you for the video- we love to hear the kids laugh!