Friday, April 23, 2010

Twists & Kinks

Okay, so the last two weeks have not been the greatest for me physically.  And everyone knows when the Mamma is down it makes life hard for everyone else too.  I don't want to be a complainer but I do realize the importance of prayer and so post the following to ask just for that.  It all started after our lovely and perfect day on Lago Maggiore.  I could feel my neck had a "kink" in it for a while and had headaches coming and going more than usual prior to that.  However, after that trip I started to have intense, constant headaches, you know the kind that Advil won't even help?  I finally discovered that ice helped numb the pain and bring temporary relief.  Another week went by and things were getting worse. Okay, so having a sinus/head cold on top of that didn't help any.  I found it difficult to turn my head to the right and kept myself very limited in housework.  I knew I needed an adjustment for my pinched nerve, but chiropractors are hard to come by here in Italy so you don't want to go to just anybody.  Finally, I asked our field council for help and Melissa knew a doctor through an English student of hers.  Networking is pretty much the only way I might have heard about this doctor.  My follow up question, was well, has anyone been to him?  No one had, but he was trained in San Fransisco.  That brought a huge peace of mind to us and thus we pursued making an appointment.  Because seriously there is no way I can go on like this until June!

Thursday afternoon we were able to get in and I was very much impressed with the care I received.  Some God-sent blessings were that his office was just a couple of blocks on the same street as Catherine's house and we were able to drop the kids off there for what ended up being 1.5 hours around dinner time, and the second was that the doctor spoke English well.  That is such a help when talking medical-talk!  He ran several tests I have never had in the US and was then more accurately able to help me, especially in the neck area.  I was so tight and inflamed that he wasn't able to completely set things "right."  But I can feel the pinched nerve is now relieved even though I still am experiencing some pain.  I need to get an x-ray on Wednesday and then another adjustment on Thursday that will also address my lower back issues. 

Pretty messed up, eh?! I think we all know where Luca gets his high pain tolerance from.

Jonathan was envious of the echoes in the room that came from the ginormous cracks.  But he said it was the best 100 euros he has spent this month.  So I'm thankful things are looking up but still have a ways to go with feeling complete relief again.  Thanks for your prayers regarding this!  Jonathan has been a trooper, but I hate adding to his already stressful life and be another worry for him.  The kids have been so sweet in their prayers for me--I have been extremely blessed by my wonderful husband and children!!


Benny Lava said...

I'll be praying for you, sister :-)

Munga and Gramma said...

So thankful that you have received some relief...we continue to pray! I have never seen pictures anything like what you posted- it would be more interesting if it wasn't you! :o)

Mom and Dad Kleis

Tara said...

You definitely do have a high-pain tolerance girl! Will be praying for you & the fam...praise God for the doctor you've connected with & for some relief....will keep praying for more!