Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Greenfield Village

Within the first week that we were back in the States we snuck in an overnight trip to Dearborn, Michigan with Munga and Gramma.  They treated us to a fun visit to Greenfield Village which is a part of the Henry Ford Museum.  It was a historic step-back-in-time experience as the streets were full of Model T's and horse drawn carriages.  A train ride on the steam powered engine was fun, but a bit dirty with coal ash flying on us.  Historical homes and buildings from Thomas Edison's Menlo Park full of workshops and the first light bulb, the Wright Brother's home and Bicycle Shop (yea, for our distant cousins!), homes of Noah Webster, Robert Frost, Henry Ford, George Washington Carver, Heinz and many more.  The kids really enjoyed the craft works section of the village where they saw glass blowing, helped on the printing press, pottery, textile and wool spinning demonstrations.  The kids were still recovering from jet lag as their endurance levels were unusually low and the effects were further confirmed when ALL three slept for the entire 3-hour drive home.  What a great little trip to give our kids a taste of American history!

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Brandon said...

Very cool--We love that place and try to visit every time we visit Michigan!