Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Teammates Arrive

It has been a long time in coming for us to receive new teammates on the field. In fact, we were the last ones to arrive and that was nearly TEN years ago! Can you believe that?!

June 2005 - Samuel (2), Emma (7 mos)
Five and a half years ago Lindsey and Meredith started their journey to Italy as career workers. With much perseverance, determination, blood, sweat and tears God was faithful to provide for them and bring them finally here.

They were scheduled to arrive in Torino on March 21, but unfortunately they got caught in the Lufthansa strike and were unable to depart as planned.  They ended up being delayed four days and requiring us to adjust our plans too. Welcome to cross-cultural living where flexibility is key!

We are thankful for their safe arrival and for the four and a half days we had them in our home. Their kids are just precious and actually about one year older each than Samuel and Emma were when we arrived on the field.  Just seeing their little ones brought back such a wave of emotion and memory of our own arrival. And now that Jonathan has been with them in Perugia these past four days, he too has been walking down memory lane of our time spent there. Like driving by our old apartment, the park our kids played at and the hospital where Luca was born...

Our apartment was on the 3rd floor

We are so grateful for the Lord's faithfulness and for his sustaining grace and mercies to keep us here and now to bring a new family to serve here alongside us (well in 2 years that is when they learn the language and move up here). Please keep this dear family in your prayers as you think of them. Their son got sick the night they arrived to Perugia and required an ER visit the next day...nothing like breaking them in easy with the medical system! But at least Jonathan was there to walk alongside them through the process.

Now let's pray we don't have to wait another 10 years for new teammates!

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