Thursday, July 16, 2015

Other Tidbits of Fun in Michigan

After the wedding, we had just 12 days remaining on our brief stateside visit. We did not set up any meetings to report on our ministry this time as we just wanted to really capitalize on the brief time we had with family and get some rest and relaxation in. We did however manage to fit in dental, vision and wellness physicals in for the whole family in addition to a few other health screenings. Jonathan was able to work on and finish his Master's essay during these weeks too. So it wasn't all merely just fun and games. But when we did get some playing in this is what we did...

Dog-sitting Bailey for the newlyweds

Kids Bowl Free! Luca scored a personal high of 130 on his first game which made every other subsequent game  disappointing. We reconnected with our friends (the ones who stayed with us for Christmas) as our stateside visits and hometown overlap.
No hands bike riding...Luca was just asking for another urgent care visit!
Our pediatrician is awesome even if he is a Taylor University enthusiast. Samuel wore his Cedarville University shirt to his wellness visit and was given a really hard time about that, so Dr. W brought him a "better" t-shirt to wear when he saw Samuel at church. 
Thank you Easterling family for inviting us to ride horses again! Twice merits this a Michigan tradition for the kiddos.
Tally, Pongo & Cody gave them great rides

West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball game
...another family tradition

A beautiful evening on Lake Michigan
Chilly water temperature did not prohibit the kids from swimming
Concluding our visit with one final night of roasting S'mores

Thank you Munga and Gramma for making this very special visit possible! We will cherish all these memories for always! We love you and miss you already!


Anonymous said...

Glad we could be part of your Michigan tradition. Hopefully next time they won't have to be horseback riding in the rain.

Jonathan and Noella said...

Brenda! You finally got a comment to post! Sweet! Rain or shine the kids find this experience most enjoyable. Thanks again for walking circles in the rain just for them. :)