Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Published Artist

Today Emma came home from school all smiles because she won 2nd place for her artwork in a city wide school contest for International Women's Day. Both middle schools and one of the elementary schools participated in the contest.

Emma chose to draw a violin to represent a woman because the music that comes from a violin brings joy to those hear. When she thinks of mothers and women they are beautiful and joyful. Her creativity in thought and drawing was honored with a 2nd place award for originality. She received a printed book with all the winning essays and drawings. She was both excited and shy about being recognized by the principal during a school assembly with this honor. We are so proud of her!

Congratulations Emma!

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Jay said...

Dear Emma,
We couldn't be more proud than to see you acknowledged for your drawing! God's gifted you with many gifts and we loved seeing your thoughts expressed through art! Continue your creativity! Congratulations!
Love, Papa & Nano