Thursday, July 6, 2017

High School Acceptance

With much joy and pride in our son, Samuel, for his years of hard work and perseverance in a rigorous academic setting that is beyond our comprehension, we report that he passed his middle school exams with flying colors. His final semester grades were great, which gave him a starting value of 10/10 going into his final written and oral examinations. He was the only one in his class with this starting value. He received another 10 for his written and oral exams, this time just one of two to accomplish that. No matter the grades, we are most thankful for the character building, study skills, discipline, perseverance and growth in faith that this learning environment has taught ALL of our children. We are so proud of them!! They get a "Dieci a Lode" (10 with praise!) every time in our books!

Yesterday with his Certificate of Competence in hand and other documentation, we went to complete the final registration at his first choice of high schools in Torino. He has been officially accepted into the "Traditional Classical" track at Liceo D'Azeglio, again his first choice. Class section assignments will occur after registration closes and as the professor said, "to make sure the 9 and 10 students are evenly divided". Um yeah, it is safe to say he'll be swimming in a sea of students with a higher level of intensity and desire to learn. This would make me nervous, but for Samuel it truly excites him because he hopes that means more serious and calm classmates and learning environment.

It is surreal to think that Samuel is now officially in high school! Go D'Azeglio!


stephanie garcia said...

What a great accomplishment! Glory to God and congratulations to Samuel for his commitment to excellence!

Gramma said...

Our dear Samuel- we are so proud of you and so thankful that God has blessed you with an inquiring mind and a tender heart. I always LOVED being in class with other students who wanted to learn, and I know you will enjoy it as well. Looking forward to seeing you in August!

Love you so!

Gramma for Munga and Gramma