Wednesday, September 19, 2018

School Begins Again

There were a whole lot of memories made and blessings received over the course of our summer in the United States. Did I share a single one? Nope. Will I? I hope to, but I cannot promise anything at this point. So I think it best, for now, to just pick up where we are currently in life and move forward. 

Last you read, the school year was finally over. And here we are mid-September posting about the school year starting again. We returned to Italy on September 7, and all the kids started school on Monday the 10th. The weekend was full of running around picking up book orders, supply shopping, finishing up summer homework and working through jitters and jet lag.

This is the first year that our kids are all attending different schools. Three different cities. Three different means of transportation. Three different schedules. It sounds chaotic and honestly, it feels chaotic until we get used to the new norm.

All the kids have had a good first week and a half of school. They are still on a provisionary schedule meaning: Luca is done at noon for the first two weeks; Emma was done at noon last week and 1pm this week and most likely next week too; Samuel is done at 1pm and is also looking at another week of the same. Once all the professors are in place, the weekly schedule will then be set for classes, and then they can resume their full days of school that will be until 1pm or 2pm (depending on the day and school).

10th Grade
Liceo Classico - Torino
Samuel has returned to the known quantity of his high school, classmates and professors. He will have a couple of changes in teachers but other than that he has just picked up where he left off. The bus stop did switch drop-off locations in Torino so that threw him the first day back, but he navigated his way to school successfully even if going a roundabout way to get there. I take him and pick him up from the bus stop in Caselle every day.  

9th Grade
Liceo Scientifico - Ciriè
Emma had a fantastic start at her new school. She has quickly made new friends in her class and is so thankful for how God worked everything out for her to switch tracks and schools at the last minute. She now travels on the train with a whole slew of friends from Caselle. For now, Emma walks to the train station in the mornings (12-minute walk) and I pick her up on her return home. If the weather is bad, she will need a ride to and from the station. 

7th Grade
Scuola Media - Caselle
Luca struggled to get all his summer homework done over the summer months, but once school started he was super motivated. After his first day of school, we spent about 7 hours completing his one grammar/reading comprehension book that he was to bring in the following day for correction. We worked non-stop to get it done and then, of course, the professor did not have time to correct it. (Insert eye roll and sigh). Hopefully, we can work on his procrastination tendencies this year. He has had a lot of entry tests these first weeks. He too is happy to see his friends again. Thankfully, Luca can walk to and from school making that one less trip out in the car for me.

We pray this year will be a wonderful year of growth and maturity for our kids, a year to deepen their dependency on Christ, make new friends and have fun while learning!

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