Monday, November 5, 2007

The Bug Party

Emma has a contageous and enormous smile. She is a complete girl and attempts to change outfits several times a day. She was thrilled to receive SO many clothes for her birthday! She isn't much for sweets but at least she did eat the ladybug wings and lots of cookies. Emma is a very joyous little girl and we love her so much!! She is a great cuddle bug as she can curl up in the tiniest little ball and fit in the smallest spots. She will forever be our little girl!!
Here are some pics from the party...wish you could have all been here to celebrate!

Samuel & Simone (4 mos. difference in age)

Antoinetta & Emma

Handmade butterfly pillow from Grandma

Don't anyone try to take her with you as a carry-on eventhough she would fit in a backpack!

Mamma & the birthday girl
(I think she was okay with not having a "tomato frog" cake)

Samuel was just as excited for the party!

Gift time...thank you everyone for all the beautiful & fun presents!

Emma enjoying her new "fish" book

Danilo, Marco, Davide & Fili

The ladybug cupcakes

Everyone was amazed by the ALL the frosting dyes here!
Carol, Emma & Catherine (co-workers)

David, Brad & Beth (co-workers)

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!


Papa & Nano said...

Absolutely incredible!! Wow! What a party, Emma! We were smiling as big as you were to see all the fun and wonderful guests at your party! We love the bugcakes. Your mommy is so talented. I think she should still have her own bakery, "Kleis Delights!" We so wish we could have been there.... but God made us happy all day long to celebrate with you in our hearts! Thank you for the wonderful pictoral memories. Hats off to your mama once again! Love and kisses to all!

Ben & Melissa said...

Emma, what an exciting birthday you had! We are so happy you had sooo many friends to celebrate your birthday with. We especially loved seeing your bug cupcakes! Your mom is talented for sure:) We thought of you all day long and wished we could have been there. We love you so much!
Uncle Ben, Aunt Meli, and Cousin Maddie

Michelle said...

are you kidding me?! ok, so when i saw the butterfly rice krispy cake, i was impressed. then i scroll down to see butterfly cupcakes, and even cookies? cody told me that you could bake, but this is putting martha stewart to shame. i've got a lot to learn in the 2 weeks i'm with you in italy! i mean, it's one thing to be able to make all these incredible baked goods creations, and it's a WHOLE other thing to be able to do it in a foreign country. i tip my imaginary texan cowboy hat to you, noella! you win some great mom award for that incredible bday party!

C.A.F. said...

Michelle, now you know where I got it from. It runs in the family...(don't you remember my Betty Crocker muffins?) :)

I'm so glad you had such a great party Emma! You had so many friends there!! So many people all over the world love you so much and wish they could have been there with you to celebrate! Can't wait to give you a big birthday hug and kiss in a few weeks!

Michelle said...

ok, noella, don't let your brother give you credit for teaching him how to bake. has he told you the betty crocker muffin story?? that he put a plastic (yes, plastic) muffin tray in the oven, and almost caught the whole kitchen on fire. needless to say, the muffins weren't exactly edible, and were charred & plastic infused. and his response is "well, why would they even MAKE plastic muffin trays?!" yes, that's a good question. but the better question, cody, is why would someone think they could put a PLASTIC muffin tray into an OVEN and it NOT melt and catch on fire? since then he's learned his lesson (i think) and doesn't mix plastic with gas flames.

all that to say, noella, i'm sure he didn't learn his baking skills from you - not after i saw the amazing, unburnt goodies you created! :)

Papa & Nano said...

Unfortunately, Cody learned his cooking skills from his dad. I taught him everything he knows. (not really as he is a good cook...he taught us how to make donuts from doughboy muffin tubes!!!)

tara said...

Yay, I'm back on your blog! What a fabulous party and I echo everyone else--you did such a great job on the bug cakes, they are amazing and so fun! Emma looks so proud in all the pictures=) And, so glad that you had lots of friends to share it with! praying for you=)

Ben & Melissa said...

Emma, we want to know what you got for birthday! Did you get your monster truck? What about bugs? We keep looking at your pictures just to see your smile and the smiles of your brothers:)

Grandma and Munga said...

Thank you so much for the precious pictures! It makes us feel like we were there! Another beautiful
cake and cupcakes..the Lord has truly given Mama great gifts to gladden her family's hearts. And I am so glad that Antoinetta is there as a surrogate Nano/Grandma for special hugs.

Love to you all!