Thursday, November 1, 2007


Okay, so this is completely random and so stupid, but I was SO excited yesterday when I found this 5K (10+ lbs) bag of flour. Usually I have to buy 3 or 4 small bags (1K) at a time which is very annoying. Groceries are about half the size than what you would find in the states with the same price tag so you can understand my excitement of seeing BIG! A great find for all the holiday baking I have planned. Oh, and we have also been graced with OREOs on the grocery shelves this past month. We need to stock up because you never know how long they will last!

Like I said...random...and completely useless information. Maybe I was just a little too excited about the "pick me up" after the Questura visit.


Michelle said...

that is sooo exciting! i'm with you on getting super excited when you see something at the grocery store that you've been waiting for. just ask your brother. before we even knew each other well i was telling his team how ecstatic i was to find betty crocker pancake mix, pizza dough mix, and muffin mix at the grocery store. i'm pretty sure i called all the foreigners in town that i knew that day to share the good news.

so i rejoice with you in your findings of big bags of flour! :) i can't wait to get there and make some holiday goodies with you!

C.A.F. said...

That's the mother of all flour bags! That should last you the winter! I'm right there with you in your excitement! I'm excited to be there too....and eat the holiday cookies!