Monday, April 21, 2008

3-2-1...Blast Off!

The months and months (literally) of excitement about launching rockets finally came to pass last week. All the kids helped build their own rocket with Munga the first weekend we arrived in Michigan. However, the rainy and windy conditions didn't allow them to launch for a couple of weeks. The rockets went incredibly high in the sky and super fast that it took the kids a few seconds to find them in the sky. Samuel and Luca launched the rockets and Emma wanted to stay a safe distance away, but when the parachutes came out she was the little "rocket runner", so excited to retrieve them. Placing more engines in the rockets for another rocket day is in store.

After rocket launching we went to Haggar Park to play. Here are some more pictures from last week.

Emma came up with the name "choni swing" for this one. (I guess, it's an inside family joke)

Samuel was digging for dinosaur bones.

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Ben & Melissa said...

WOW!! Those are cool rockets Sam, Emma and Luca. We are so glad you were able to finally launch them. Emma, that is a great name for that swing. Noella, what are you teaching your kids? foochi still around?