Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reunion - St. Joseph, MI

Last week we traveled to St. Joseph, Michigan for a mini-college reunion. Four families unitied to rent a house for a few days on the shore of Lake Michigan. Jon & Tara Rauch (Noella's college roommate & Jonathan's freshman year RA) came with their 3 kids: Elli, Ethan & Elisha from Indiana. Jesse & Jodi Taubert came with their girls: Grace & Hadassah from Minnesota. Steve & Sarah Kornbau came with their 3 kids: Leah, Caleb, Drew from Pennsylvania. Okay, so you might be thinking what kind of vacation can that be with 11 kids from the ages of 4 months to 5 years?? All I can say is what a beautiful thing it is to see the fruits of godly parents who desire to train their children in the Lord. All the kids behaved so well and really had a wonderful time playing together. It was definitely a time of refreshment and encouragement for us.

Sarah, Tara, Noella & Jodi

Us girls met each other our freshman year while living in Faith Hall at Cedarville College. Everyone except me was a nursing major but they warmly welcomed me in to their circle of love and friendship that has not wavered one bit in 13 years! I always thought I deserved an honorary degree in nursing for all the times I posed as their lab patient. I am so thankful for these women and their testimony for the Lord and example they are to me. I love you guys!

Elisha, Ethan, Grace, Samuel, Luca, Emma, Leah, Caleb, Elli, Drew & Hassah (front)
The weather was wonderful for it being April in Michigan. We enjoyed lots of walks and playing on the beach and on the playground equipment, our kids enjoyed flying a kite for the first time and we even got to the Curious Kids' Museum for a morning. There are a ton of pictures I would like to post so I think a slide show is the best option so you'll have to wait until I get them organized. More later...



Hello! So fun to see your pics from the trip. Can't wait to see the slide show. It was so wonderful to get together with you! Keeping you in prayers.

tara said...

It was such a great time, I'm so thankful we were able to do it!! I was almost ready to cry when we left, I didn't want it to end. Hope Sunday went well and let us know if you'll be close to us again, we'll savor any time we can have with you guys!!

Ben & Melissa said...

Looks like you all had such a great time. Love the pictures and looking forward to the slide show!