Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Today my precious husband turns thirty-one!  I'm so proud to be his wife.  And I'm so thankful that God has given me such a godly life pattern to run this life with and to share such milestones together with.  He is a treasure to keep! :0)

Tonight he will be out for a film discussion night at the center.  Therefore, we went out last night to celebrate.  Eating out at restaurants just doesn't happen much with our family (and McDonald's doesn't count!) One reason being that dinner hours start at 7:30/8:00pm.  And still keeping to our cultural routine with the kids in bed by 8:30, going out for dinner just never happens.  The only exception would be if we had extra hands on site to entertain tired kids...i.e. grandparents visiting.

Well, I think we have finally found the ideal family eating place.  BamBam Ristosauro.  It opened maybe a year ago and is right next to the airport.  So many positives I don't know where to begin: 1) They open up at 7:00. 2) Prehistoric and dinosaur themed decorations (think Fred Flintstone) 3) Indoor play area and entertainment provided for the kids by a clown 4) A huge selection of pizzas (they even had Hawaiian pizza).  The kids had a great dining out experience needless to say.  Luca even ventured to eat a whole plate of french fries and was pleasantly surprised that they were "berry good!!!!"  You have no idea how HUGE of a thing that was for him and us.  He never touches anything served in a restaurant no matter how familiar he may be with it.

Here are some pictures from our fun times celebrating...

    Not exactly Rain Forest Cafe, but close. Click on the link above for more pictures.

The birthday boy

The view from our table, looking at the kids playing in the play room.

A slide...need I say more for this boy?!

Emma was quite upset with us when we had to leave.  

Cake time

A perfect afternoon to dine outside.


Ben and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Jon! We were going to call but just read that you are out at your film discussion. Hope it went well and that you had a really enjoyable birthday! May God continue to bless you and use for His purposes. We can't to see you all in a month!

Ben, Melissa, Maddie, and Hudson

teamfish said...

Happy Birthday, Jon! Glad you had such a great day of celebrating...we're SO looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks!