Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's been a while...

...but I feel like I have a hundred and one good reasons not to be blogging this summer.  I won't go in to every justifiable reason, but I think you might be able to understand that our time has been SO filled with so much wonderful face to face time with family and friends that finding time to blog has been non existent.

July came and went at the speed of light.  We can hardly believe it is August already!  We arrived in California on the 7th of July and are now only days away from returning to Michigan on August 7th.  We have seen so many people and done so much I doubt I will ever be able to give you the full recap of our time here.  We did, however, have a Fisher Family Reunion in Mammoth Lakes for one week.  Seventeen of us, living in one house and having the time of our lives just being together for the first time in years!  So I know for sure there will be a slideshow post of that trip for you to see coming soon.

This is very short, but I wanted you to at least know that the Kleises are alive and doing well.  Your prayers would be much appreciated as we begin the dreaded and awful phase of saying good-byes.  Thanks so much!

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