Saturday, September 8, 2007


We (I mean Jon) finally broke down and bought a lawnmower this week. I have only been hinting at the need for one all summer. I think my seriousness of cutting the weeds with our hand clippers is what did it. When we first moved here I pulled all the weeds out of our yard but then never got around to seedding it. As the summer rains came we got a yard full of lush green weeds instead. We were holding off buying a lawnmower because we don't really have grass yet. But like I said we hit an end of the summer sale and got a little electric lawnmower that does the job just fine. The kids are thrilled! Now the yard is a newly discovered area again. And now we won't have to be the sore eye of the neighborhood!

The area I cut by hand....before

...and after!


Will Dadigan said...

Ok when I'm there for Christmas hopefully there will be some grass for me to mow! I miss mowing lawns. So good to see all the new pics of the kids! Miss them so much! I'll bring them some more hats to add to their collection!

Ben & Melissa said...

Congratulations! I wished we had a lawn to mow! The fisher's can appreciate the beauty of a lawn mower:) We love the new pictures of the kids!

Michelle said...

cutting weeds with hand clippers? you are so hard core, noella! glad you've been blessed with a lawnmower to help you out there! (and the lawn looks great! what a good place for the kids to play in!)