Monday, September 17, 2007

Prized Fighter

Just had to post a couple of pics of our prized fighter who is most deserving of the name: bruiser. Poor little Luca, he is so accident prone and it always seems to happen to his face. Today he was holding a ball in one arm and his sippy cup in the other and that's the last I saw before I heard him crying. My view was obstructed by the couch so I assume his teeth did the damage or the tile floor. He didn't make out too well as blood poured from his lip but I was able to stop the bleeding quickly. Now he has a permanent "cuicio" on his lip to suck. He's just fine and ate a big dinner for a change!
Luca on a better day

Rocky with a smile

P.S. Samuel had another great day at school. His teacher's comment today was that he is stubborn/hard headed. I think she was meaning to say he has a one-track mind. If he wants to play with his truck (the only thing we ever hear about) then he'll just get up and go play or walk out the door if the door is open--the two examples she gave me. He'll learn the commands soon enough...but his teacher's got an extra eye on him for now.


Ben & Melissa said...

Little Luca, you are such a tough boy! Keep truckin little guy...pretty soon you'll be dishing out the bruisin:)

Will Dadigan said...

He looks so much like Emma in the bottom picture! He's a tough dude. We should get him a football helmet and then he can go all out!

tara said...

poor little luca--it makes a cute picture though=) He's definitely getting practice at being tough, he's gotta keep up with the older brother you know. So glad Samuel had another good day at school, I'm sure he'll keep catching on really quickly, sounds like he's loving it!

Papa & Nano said...

I don't know.....Sam might be stubborn and hard headed. He's got Fisher blood in him you know. Those traits are only a sanctified bit away from steadfast and perservering. I'm working on getting there my self as I write. :)
LOve, Papa

Papa & Nano said...

Our precious Luca......Your face radiates James 1:2 "Count it all joy when you encounter various trials...." Hang tough little Luca, coco's last a short while! We love you and pray for you each day! Love, Nano

Munga and Grandma said...

Thank you so for the precious pictures and updates. We pour our hearts out before our Great God and Saviour on your behalf. We pray for you daily, and eagerly anticipate hugging you all again.

All our love,
Munga and Grandma

Michelle said...

Wow, Luca! You are a tough kid! Wouldn't want to butt heads with you on the playground! Can't wait to meet you in the New Year! You'll have to teach me some of your prized fighting skills.