Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grandparents, Cars and Colds

So the blogs will be sparse over the next couple of weeks as Munga and Grandma (Kleis) from Michigan are in town for a visit. They arrived safely this past Saturday and it is so good to see them. It was extra nice for them to only be 10 minutes away from our house upon landing. So much better than sprinting and searching for the right train tracks and nearly missing the train with 4 large suitcases in tow through Rome--then a 2 1/2 hour train ride to get to Perugia. Hands down, they like our new location for traveling.

Although, their arrival was welcomed by immediate car troubles (again). Everytime someone comes to visit us, there is a car problem! Jonathan was just about to turn down our street when they heard a belt break. Thankfully, Munga knows enough about cars to tell us it was the circ belt that broke and that it was undriveable. We called the mechanic but unfortunately they were closed for the day. The mechanic later saw that we tried to call several times and he was so kind as to return the call and let us know he could look at first thing on Monday. We love building relationships in our community, but really we wish the mechanic would not be on a professional basis. Know what I mean? Ah well, the belt is replaced along with a new pad of some sort and God provided the means for these unexpected repairs. So grateful for God's timing and that this didn't happen at the airport leaving them all stranded for who knows how long.

We were stranded at home all weekend and were bummed we could not take them to church. Fortunately they have 2 more Sundays yet. Samuel also missed school on Monday but that was okay as there was extra special time with his grandparents.

Yesterday almost everyone came down with colds. Some worse than others and Munga has spent most of the day in bed drugged up. Tonight Jonathan's parents were up to going to the Bible study and prayer time. Jonathan is speaking tonight so it will be nice for them to hear his improvement in the language from a year ago and to meet the group.

You can keep the kids in your thoughts and prayers. They are really getting attached to their grandparents on this visit....SUCH a wonderful thing to see! Everytime Samuel goes to bed he has to say "Munga & Grandma, you can stay here and sleep on the couch." It is not comment of permission, but rather one meaning, "don't leave while I'm sleeping." Samuel said he wanted to take a walk to "The Michigan" and he often mentions how he wants to go on a plane there as well. We wish we could just walk across the great "big pond." Samuel and Emma's comprehension of distance and good-bye's is so much more evident but still limited. Okay, so I have tears as I write this even now. It is very hard living so far away from family. Please pray for grace and strength for us all, especially the kids.

Well, this tired body is going to go find a warm spot on the couch under my down throw. Good Night!


Papa & Nano said...

Ah, yes, just what I've been praying for.......that the bonding would be extra special. So blessed to know our kids are doing what they've been called to do but the flip side is ever so hard. Praying God will shower more grace at the appointed time. In the meantime, enjoy the time ever so much, Tim & Lora. We are praying for you just as much as the kids. What joy in memories you are leaving our children and grandchildren to remember!
love to all,

C.A.F. said...

I miss you all so much and am thinking of you today! I hope you're all energized in every way..emotionally, physically and spiritually. You guys are doing such great work, it's all so worth it! Counting down the days till I can see you!

Ben & Melissa said...

We hope you continue to have some very special and encouraging time with the grandparents! We miss you very much and we are so humbled to see your service for the kingdom at work. Keep your heads high! You live in a pretty sweet missions field...I think you'd get bored over here:) We do wish though it would be as easy as taking a walk across the "big pond" to see you more often. We love you so much and miss you tons!!!

tara said...

I will be praying for all of you too. It's so special to have family come and visit, but oh so hard when they leave. I was reading Matt. 19 today and thinking of you all especially as I read the last few verses. There will be many crowns awaiting you guys in heaven for your sacrifice. I wish you guys were just a walk across the lake too=)