Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas - Part 1

A very belated Merry Christmas to everyone! We pray you all had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas with family and friends. Papa and Nano arrived on Thursday the 20th, just barely. The had a long journey of delays due to weather and then a strike by the baggage handlers on their last leg of the trip. They arrived just before midnight exhausted, sick with colds and yet so thrilled to finally be here! We enjoyed a few days with them before Cody arrived on a 3 day journey from Texas to Italy. He also had flight delays, missed flights and an unwanted stay in the Instanbul airport, finally arriving almost 24 hours past his planned arrival. He came in last Sunday and we have so enjoyed spending time together as a family.

Last Saturday, Jonathan and I spent about 6 hours in the ER. It had been two weeks that I had been experiencing major constant pain around my ribs and it had gotten worse. With every deep breathe, laugh, cough etc. it was very painful. I have been sick since October so the concern was maybe that I had pnuemonia or some inflamation in the lining of the lung. I had blood work, lung x-rays, rib x-rays and the works to discover nothing concrete and to assume that it was muscle related. I was given some antibiotics to combat my cold and put on an ibuprofin regiment for the muscle issue. I am doing a little better with the pain so that is good. However, I have a new strain of a cold it seems.

Sunday we began our journey with the influenza and it still is ongoing. Fevers, aching bodies on top of a bad cold and cough that has now spread from the kids to a few of us adults, but all of us have bad colds. We are praying week 2 will be a tad better. The kids have been hit the worse and we feel so badly for them...but that means lots of cuddle time on laps and of course Veggie Tales to soothe and distract.

Despite the circumstances we continue to eat up our time with each other. God is good, faithful and gives strength for each day. Michelle (Cody's girlfriend) arrives late tomorrow tonight, Lord willing if she has smoothe travels from Waco-Dallas-Chicago-London-Instanbul-Rome-Turin. Please keep her in your prayers as well.

Okay, that's the update for now. More to come...


Ben & Melissa said...

Thinking of you guys a lot and praying that these colds/flus can finally be done with. Glad you are having a fun time with mom, dad and Cody! Love you guys!

tara said...

It was really good to hear from you. Oh, I'm so sorry that there's been so much sickness there with all of you. I'll be praying you all heal quickly and can enjoy your time together even more. I'm so thrilled for you all to have your family there, such a special time, I can't even imagine how it must feel for you to have them there. Can't wait to hear more of your time together, I'll be praying the rest is without sickness!!