Monday, December 3, 2007

A Jumble of News

Jonathan: Gallbladder surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, December 5th in the afternoon. He will be admitted around 7:30am for pre-testing and then surgery will follow around 3pm, give or take. The pain is manageable for him and he has not had any major attacks since before we left for Spain. We are so grateful.

Pray for us, the kids and our co-workers as we all work together to make this happen. Catherine will come to stay with the kids. They know Dadda has rocks in his tummy that the doctor needs to take out. They find that fact very fascinating. Brad will take us to the hospital in downtown Torino and will stay through the day to be of help (and to take Noella to the Questura...more on that in a minute). Lori will come in the afternoon to wait for a doctor's report in case I am still gone when the surgery is complete. Someone will take me home if I can't stay overnight at the hospital and then Jim will go to pick Jonathan (or us) up on Thursday afternoon. At least that is the plan. Thanks for your prayers in regards to this whole process.

Samuel: Yesterday afternoon when he woke up from a nap both Jonathan and I noticed huge swelling around his neck, specifically the lymphnodes. They were painful to the touch so today we sought out a pediatrician to get it checked out before we get tied down with Jonathan's recovery. The doctor was able to squeeze us in this afternoon so off we went to Giaveno (50 minutes away) to see this private doctor we took Emma to over 2 years ago. Samuel was the best little patient. He was a little too eager to take his clothes off and was quickly stopped from dropping his pants. He had a fun visit and he said he felt "all better" after the check-up. Unfortunately, his throat and ears were red giving signs of an ear infection. He hasn't complained about his ears but his symptoms say otherwise. He is on antibiotics now and has some cream to help with the lymphnode swelling which will take a while to decrease in size.

Emma & Luca: Are battling colds as well.

Noella: I have a severe cold with lots of sinus headaches and have also acquired laryngitis. We need physical healing!

Questura: I'll end with this new twist to the Questura saga...While in Spain we received a phone call from the Questura telling us that my finger prints need to be redone. Your obvious question of "WHY?" is the same one we have. My fingerprints were take in June and why after 5 months they now decide they are no good is a complete mystery. The problem the past 2 attempts to retrieve my permesso has only been on their end i.e. Printing Samuel's wrong birth date and then mixing up the kid's ID photos. The Questura gave me an appointment date slated for Wednesday, December 5 at 3:15pm. Thus the reason why Brad needs to escort me to the main office (not the usual place for foreigners to go) while Jonathan is in surgery. Crazy, crazy...and yes, it gave us a good laugh!!


tara said...

Oh my--we will definitely be praying. It's awesome how your teammates are able to help and be there for you guys. Lots of things to be lifted up--praying for a good surgery and quick recovery for Jonathan, and healing for you and the kids, and a smooth (if that's possible?) process at the Questra. God's got His hand on you guys. I'll be praying and waiting for the update. Love you.

C.A.F. said...

wow. Here they call the hospitals "naxosh hana" Literally the sick house or house of the sick. Looks like you guys have a naxosh hana over there! I'm praying for you and for a quick recovery for everybody! I love you!


Keeping you in prayer. Sorry to be so delayed in responding. Are the kids healthy, again? I can so relate with you on kids being sick. The girls seem to have something every other week. Prayer that Jonathan's recovery is uncomplicated. Love you, take care. Soon your fam will be there. So excited for you. How is Jen feeling these days?