Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom!

How the family has grown and changed...
I couldn't resist posting a few photos to give you a blast from the past!

34 Years...

What a journey you have had over the past 34 years! A journey of keeping a Covenant before God and to each other and one that has shone so brightly as a testimony of Christ's love to everyone around you. You have been an incredible example to your children most of all! You have given us a picture of faithfulness, love, devotion, service to Christ and because of your love for Christ, then for each other, then for your children we can see how God has honored and blessed your lives.

We wish we could celebrate with you're probably wishing you could be celebrating it with each other too! Thank you for serving Christ as a team and the support you have for each other in His service. We are praying for Dad's trip to Mexico today and for a blessed time of fellowship with those who are going to give materially to those in prison through the ministry of Pablo. And Mom will be laboring in the kitchen to then give gifts of love to friends and family.

We love you both so very much!! Have a wonderful anniversary!!


Papa & Nano said...

Thank you, Noella, for your kind and loving words. Amazing to see those pictures.......seems like yesterday! I was just sharing with Jennie that the blessing given back to us is through the wonderful children, now adults, God has given us! Time goes by so quickly and we marvel how God brought our lives together and gave us such a beautiful gift in our family. It is to him, that we give the glory for everything. How blessed I am! Dad brought me to the Lord and then himself! Praising God for these 34 years and more to come!
Loving all our children,
mom & dad

tara said...

Those are pictures are so great!! You look so much like your mom in that top picture. You definitely have wonderful parents. Happy Anniversary Jay and Pat!!

Ben & Melissa said...

What a wonderful tribute Noella to our dear parents. I can't get over the pictures and how much we have all changed. One thing is for certain though...the love, dedication, and service to the Lord and us children has not changed one bit since we came into this world. Thanks so much Mom and Dad! I was thinking of you both as we were flying home yesterday. We have such a godly example to look up to! We love you and can't wait to see new pictures with you and your italian grandchildren! love, Ben