Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Niece or Nephew?

The anticipation is building as we await for the grand entrance of our new niece or nephew. Jennie and Miguel are holding their breath in hopes that Nano will arrive before the delivery. Please pray for my mom's traveling safety as she leaves LA at midnight on Friday and will arrive in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on Saturday afternoon. The doctor says that Jennie will go before her due date which is the 14th. Speaking from experience cross-cultural deliveries always provide interesting stories and very unique circumstances. Pray for safety, calmness and for a healthy arrival of their first baby.

I am also writing to ask especially for your prayers for Miguel. Today he was working on a building project when a person fell from the roof. Miguel tried to catch him and consequently broke some ribs (they think) in an attempt to break his fall. An x-ray has not yet been done but he is in a lot of pain and sure could use your prayers. This is not ideal timing with a baby on it's way at any moment. Please keep them in your prayers and for God's peace, wisdom and strength to pour over them during this time.

Thank you so much!

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