Monday, May 5, 2008

The Update

1. Samuel is feeling much better this week and hopefully has made a full recovery from his pheumonia. He is still battling a runny nose and some coughing. The inhaler we received a week ago for him really seems to help him with his coughing. He definitely gets agitated when he is running around and playing so that most likely is asthmatic related. He visits the doctor next week for a follow-up check and we'll see if he needs something else for his runny nose. Any tips on how to teach him how to blow his nose? He just doesn't get it!

2. Jonathan had his MRI yesterday and he will receive the results in 2 more days. They want to rule out all the major concerns especially MS. He too has a doctor visit with the neurologist next week. He still is experiences some tingling and pain in his hands and we really hope to get some answers to this issue.

3. After 2 ER visits for Jonathan's mom, Lora, we hope that her issues will soon be resolved as well. She has been layed up for a week not being able to keep food down and often times liquid as well, along with severe nausea. The doctors determined that she had a bowel reversal problem and she seems to be doing better with the new meds. Pray for continued strengthening to her body.

4. The ministry update was just sent out so I won't repeat too much on that. We are enjoying our visits with new and old churches. Continue to pray for the Lord's provision of our needed monthly support. No new committments have been given at this time. Trusting Him for his amazing working in this great need.

Love & hugs to all!

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