Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Fair

May has been speeding by at lightening speed.  Is it seriously Friday again?  Just 20 days away from being stateside and so much is going on between now and then.  Our focus is just taking one day at a time and accomplishing that which God has given us for today, and to do it well.  Over the past few weeks Samuel has been reminding us that "we don't have to worry, for tomorrow will worry about itself."  I don't think we have voiced worry, but he has been moved to tell us just the same.  It is so sweet--thank you Samuel!  [And a shout out to Steve Green's "Hide 'Em In Your Heart" CD, because truly that is what Samuel has been doing with these scripture memory songs.]

Last Sunday Jonathan was able to attend the annual Turin International Book Fair.  Giancarlo is always there with a booth from Casa della Bibbia and we praise the Lord that around 600 Bibles were sold during the 5 day event.  There were around 1,400 exhibitors in 10 different rooms.  An enormous event and a book lover's dream.  To be honest I was a little nervous sending Jonathan off on his own, being the book lover he is, but just for the record he only came home with ONE book (for the kids) and two CDs.  I was impressed!

During his four hour visit he had the opportunity to speak with various people coming by the Casa della Bibbia booth.  He met someone who has a house church about an hour away from us that would like for Jonathan to come preach at some point.  It is always encouraging to hear of new church plants in the area.  Then there was another woman who came by to talk.  She has been a believer for about one year and was super excited to hear about our church plant in Caselle.  She has a mother who is confused spiritually clinging both to Buddhism and Catholicism.  She seems to be searching and is very curious about her daughter's new found faith.  However, the daughter being young in faith doesn't know how to always respond or answer her mother's questions.  Further conversation revealed that her mom lives right around the corner from us! Definitely a God-thing!  This woman was giddy with joy and called her mom right then and there to tell her about us.  They are both coming by our house this coming Thursday evening for us to meet.  We praise the Lord for the people he keeps putting in our path...makes our leaving harder, but gives us great excitement to pursue these new contacts upon our return.

This weekend we have another service in Caselle.  Jonathan will be preaching.  Then following the service we will have an agape.  The weather is finally staying near or above 70, and it is so nice!  Thanks for your prayers for this coming week.  It will be busy so you may not hear from me for another week.  Ciao-ciao!


Jay said...

Jon, I can't imagine the temptations you were under at the book fair. One book and two CD's is amazing. The only thing that would have saved me is only a few were in English. Good discipline!!! Papa

teamfish said...

So excited to see you guys! Counting down the days!