Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My dream from early childhood was just to grow up and be a mom.  I know that not everyone has been blessed with a godly mother in their life like I have, but it was her godly example and daily demonstration of sacrificial love that let me see how fulfilling and joy filled the life of a mother can be.  Okay, so there are those hard days in which I am not so joyful and motherhood is way less than glamorous.  And I'm pretty sure my mom felt the same way too with us four kids!  But what greater honor and privilege is there than to train and nurture your children in the Lord?  An overwhelming task, but thankfully one that I don't have to do on my own.  By God's grace, strength and His word, He leads me.  With an amazing husband, we learn together and sharpen each other as parents.  With our wonderful parents, we seek and receive advise, love, encouragement and the reassurance that on those hard days and long trying phases, that one day we will reap the rewards.

I am so thankful for my Mom.  
I am so thankful for my Mom through marriage.  
I am so thankful to be a Mom!

Happy Mother's Day Mom...
We love you more than words could ever adequately express!

Jonathan and the kids decorated a cake for me. (I kind of helped out on the baking of it)  You can also see the pot Emma painted for me filled with some basil plants.

The kids thought the cake looked like a giant doughnut.

I think Luca's expression was saying: "What??!! We have to wait until tomorrow to eat it?"


Munga and Gramma said...

So glad that a very special Mama had a very special day. Great job on the cake, kids! We love you and are thankful every day for the wonderful wife and mother you are, and how blessed we are to have you as part of our family.

Mom and Dad Kleis

teamfish said...

Happy Mother's Day, Noella! Your kids are blessed to have such a loving, godly mother!

Love all the pics of the kids - they really are growing up so fast!

Better watch out with Emma - she's a beauty! :) Thankfully she has two brothers to keep an eye on any boys coming her way. :)

Aunt Meesh