Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Graduate

Yesterday, the Scuola Materna that Emma attends held their annual end of the year program.  This year the program included the entire school, instead of dividing up the school in half for 2 performances like they did last year.  Therefore, there was less time devoted to the individual classes and students in addition to making the program much longer.  Emma's class performed a dramatization and sang several songs.  She also received her diploma which officially makes our little girl a 1st grader!

My video camera ran out of battery life just minutes into the program so Jonathan was strictly ordered to catch every moment on his camera lens.  Therefore, that left me on Luca duty.  He was being a total stinker pushing both big and small kids around as he tried to weasel his way on and off playground equipment.  I was able to mostly watch Emma when she performed.  However, I was so thankful when the nearly 1.5 hr. long program concluded because Luca gave me a crick in my neck again from the lifting and restraining I had to do with him.  In his mind you should not be restrained when at a playground--makes total sense to a 4 year old, right?  

 I'm big and you know it...

Emma never wants to wear pig-tails.  I think maybe because we go overboard in how cute she looks in them.  Who knows.  For whatever reason I think it has been close to a year since she wore them.  However, she was telling me the day before her spettacolo how she wanted to wear pig-tails for her program.  Sure enough she still insisted on them, but of course had to remove them later so her cap would stay on her head.

 playing her role perfectly in the skit
 an enthusiastic participant
 Her class theme this year was food, health and cooking
 Cutest ever "Cuoco Pasticcione"
 A very serious moment for Emma to receive her diploma
 The graduates from Emma's class section

 Emma's teacher for 2 years, Patrizia.  (Marisa was sick)

As a side note:  This week Emma also attended an open house at her new school.  She is excited to go to the same school as Samuel but a bit nervous at the same time.  Her class size is small which we are very thankful for.  9 girls and 4 boys.  There are just 2 other kids from her current school that will be in her class, so lots of new friends to be made.  Her teachers: Maestra Giuseppina e Maestra Chiara seem very nice and we know that Emma will thrive in her new educational setting.


Jay said...

Congratulations Emma! We are so proud of you and all that you have learned. Your graduation looked like so much fun! Someday, you will be a good Italian cook! Now, you can look forward to having a new school to shine for Jesus! I know Samuel is happy too!
Loving you in our hearts, Papa & Nano

Munga and Gramma said...

We are so proud of you! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your graduation- you did a super job in your skit, and it looks like it was lots of fun! We are excited to see you growing up so fast. You are a wonderful girl. We are excited to see you soon!

Love, Munga and Gramma

Ben and Melissa said...

Congratulations Emma! Maddie wishes she could have been there for your graduation and she can't wait to be in school just like you. You are such a big girl now and we are so proud of you! We can't wait to see you soon! Love you lots!

Uncle Ben, Aunt Meli, Maddie, and Hudson

teamfish said...

Congrats Emma! We're excited to see you very soon and celebrate with you here in California. We love you so much and can't wait to enjoy your Italian cooking. :)

Uncle Cody & Aunt Meesh

stephanie garcia said...

Congratulations to Emma! :)

I can't remember if I've asked before, but do you supplement English for the kids at home? So far we have not done so but with furlough approaching we are starting to wonder how our children will adapt to US schooling for a year.