Friday, August 31, 2007

Month of Mishaps

It is hard to believe that this is the final day of August. It has been a good month for family time, reading, taking a "break" from language study and working on some special projects. As I also reflect back on this past month I can't help but think of all the mishaps we have had from small to big.

Do you ever have times where you feel that everything you touch breaks? I think I have more than contributed to the normal destruction of the house that usually falls upon the kids to fulfill. Wanting to enjoy some treasured and savory Mexican hot chocolate the other night ended up in a cleaning fest. I did not screw the blender base on tightly and thus when I poured the scalding milk into the blender it proceeded down in to the motor and in to every kitchen drawer below it. The hot milk inhibited me from making a quick save in the situation. Good thing: The blender was not ruined.

The other night I went to turn off the light by pulling the cord on our ceiling fan in the kitchen. There is a huge glass ball that covers the light bulb and as I pulled the cord the whole globe came loose and shattered over me and the kitchen. Thankfully Luca was the only one in the kitchen and he had just moved over to the far corner when this happened. Praise the Lord I only got a few minor cuts and that none of the kids were injured. Dinner was served late that night.

Or how about starting off the month when we left for vacation? The day we left Jon decided to turn off the electricty in the house. Two hours down the road it hit me that the frig was turned off as a result. Praise the Lord there was very little in the frig as we were going to be away for a week, but it still was a chore and smell to clean up when we got home.

The same day we left for vacation we also accidentally rear-ended GianCarlo and his family when following them to Switzerland. It happened at a yield sign when GianCarlo started to go then stopped, and Jon turned to see if he could make it in the gap of traffic when we heard a crunch. Praise the Lord, no one was injured and little damage was done...although enough we have to file with the insurance company to get the Farina's car fixed. Unfortunately, our car insurance will go up.

Okay so the list could go on with Luca having his first fall down the spiral steps, his toe sliced open and not caring and then me not realizing it until there were blood spots all over the carpet and couch. Or Samuel taking a toy and driving it all around the van leaving permament scrape marks.

In all of this there is no better solution to each mishap than to just laugh and praise God things weren't worse. I have also found that having kids makes you less concerned about "things". I could allow myself to be steaming angry anytime something breaks or it's aesthetics are ruined, but what would that accomplish besides bitterness and placing value of things above relationship.

Well, hopefully September will be a better month in the mishap department!


Ben & Melissa said...

Ah, we have so much to look forward to when maddie gets a little bigger. Noella you are a trooper and such a wonderful mom. I think Melissa would agree that I'm often the one breaking things or making messes in the kitchen as well! Maybe we can talk this weekend? Monday is labor day here. We love you all so much!

Ben & Melissa said...

I agree with ben that you are a wonderful mom. I also agree with him that he tends to make accidents.. usually when he tries to cook.. usually when he cooks jello and spills it on the floor and in the fridge! It must run in your blood! Talk to you soon!

Will Dadigan said...

I know some guy who put a plastic muffin pan in the oven and the whole thing ignited in flames. Also know another guy who rear-ended a grandma with his sister's car. Take comfort knowing you're not alone! :) :) The most important things in life aren't things right? Looking forward to talking with you soon! Love you guys.

tara said...

you've got a great perspective and are a wonderful mom! I've become alot less concerned about things too since having kids--I'm so thankful that that's happened. Elisha is our most accident prone child...falling down the stairs, off of tables and chairs,'re definitely not alone!!