Friday, August 24, 2007

a night out

I don't think we will ever again take for granted having a date night. Sadly, and yet realistically Jon and I have not had a date in five months. The last time was right before we moved from Perugia. The real snag always come in trying to find someone to watch the kids. Thankfully, we are now closer to co-workers and Catherine was our life saver last night. She loves the kids and the kids love her and it worked out really great. Here in Italy there is never a need for a babysitter as there is always a relative close by to take the child or children if it is a "large" family of 2 kids. I remember asking a senior in high school to babysit our kids one time and she said she had never babysat before in her life and was scared to do so. How strange! My first job was babysitting at 12 years old, but you just don't find that here.

Okay, so back to our date...we celebrated our anniversary late only because most of the restaurants are closed for the week of Feirre or maybe even closed for the whole month. There is one Mexican restaurant in the area and we had been dying to check it out. We were told that it would "scratch the itch" for Mexican food. For us it truly did! Or maybe it was because we haven't eaten good Mexican in over two years. So I will admit that my rice and beans are better but the fajitas and tortillas were awesome. Finally, something better to eat than Uncle Ben's flour tortillas. We also enjoyed the fact that the atmosphere felt as though we stepped in to Mexico. For 3 hours it was great to have an escape from Italy (and the kids).

What a refreshment it was for us as a couple to have some isolated time away from the kids, away from familiarity, and just to escape. God has been so good to sustain us during the constant surrounding of our precious kids but everyone needs a break now and then.

Speaking of the has been a great week! Samuel has been napping and the kids have slept in til 8am almost every morning this week...which I can't remember ever happening before! It has been wonderful to sleep a bit longer and to still have time to myself with God's Word and a cup of coffee before the day begins. The sleep has helped make a huge difference in attitudes and it really has been a great week! I am so grateful and give God the glory for this seemingly small, but huge gift.


Will Dadigan said...

Ahh I'm so excited you guys have started a blog! I love you guys so much and am so proud of you! Keep the blogs coming! :)

tara said...

I'm so glad you guys got a night out. It sounded like it was just what you needed and got some Mexican food too! It's so fun reading your blog! Glad this week has been good with the kids. It's amazing how much difference sleep can make!!