Sunday, August 19, 2007

Seven Years

Here is Jonathan recording all of our wedding music and love songs he has written to me over the past 9 years...CD release coming this Christmas!

Today marks our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Wow, how quickly time has flown and how much our lives have changed. We give God the glory for these wonderful years of marriage. We have had our laughs, tears, struggles, disappointments, excitements and we love each other all the more as we walk hand in hand keeping Christ the center of our lives. I have an incredible, godly husband and I am so blessed to have him as my best friend, husband and father of our children.

Thank you, precious, for an amazing 7 years!! I love you so very much!!


Ben & Melissa said...

Wow Jon, how romantic!


Happy Anniversary! (belated)
So great to see the pics from your time away. It is absolutely gorgeous there! Looking forward to the release of music. What a fun idea.

Welcome to the blog world, Noles:)