Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our First Nephew

We want you all to meet our first "nephew", Vlady. The best way for me to give you a background to his story is to just copy what Jennie wrote on her blog. We are so proud of Jennie and Miguel, for their 7 months of marriage, for their outpouring of love to all people, for their sacrificial giving, love and service to the Lord in the Dominican Republic. Vlady couldn't be in better hands!

Vlady is the son of Miguel's cousin, Susa. Susa has basically abandoned her 4 children and has taken up drinking a lot. Vlady's dad is a drug dealer and is currently on the run from the police. Vlady gets shuffled back and forth from family member to family member and he is quite aware that nobody really wants to take care of him. Miguel and I are trying to step in and take him under our wing...but need prayer for wisdom in knowing what our roles need to be in his life.

The result of much prayer: We originally planned on only taking Vlady in on the weekends and see how it went. But after a conversation that Miguel had with his became clear what our decision needed to be in the end. Vlady told her, "Finally, I have a home. We eat dinner at the table and pray. I have clothes and a place to put them. Finally, I think I'm going to be ok." So what started as a weekend trial, turned into indefinite. Pray for us as now we've become parents over night to a 7 year old boy who has never had parents and who has 7 years of undisciplined energy. Pray for patience for all.

So although he is not officially our nephew, we do welcome him in to our family as if he were. We love you Vlady!

Vlady's first day of school this past week.

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