Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Travels

Here is a quick recap of the weekend. Saturday we had a break in the rain and therefore took a day trip to Briancon, France. It is a very quaint city just across the boarder and in to the mountains. The historical part of the city is enclosed in an old Fort. Unfortunately, we went in between the peak seasons of summer and winter skiing, so most of the shop owners were vacationing because almost everything was closed. We still had lots of fun and enjoyed our picnic lunch at the park as well. On our way home we stopped in the center of Leini' for some amazing gelato (ice cream) and walked a bit around town.

Sunday we went to church in Avigliana at "Il Faro" (The Lighthouse) and was able to introduce Jonathan's parents to the rest of our ABWE team. Next Sunday we'll be able to finally get to our church in Torino. Sunday afternoon we went to a birthday party for Diego who turned 2. He is the Farina's grandson. It went well and things were more under control than the last two parties we have been too. In other words our kids weren't beat up by the end.

Jonathan and I have our Quarterly Field Council meeting tomorrow morning. We hope to get our furlough proposal approved so that we can start to officially plan our return to the states this spring. Wednesday we have a parent's meeting at Samuel's school. So it is a very busy week with school, meetings, dinner engagements this weekend etc.

Here are a few pics of the Kleises visit:


Ben & Melissa said...

So glad the rain stopped and you guys were able to get out this weekend! We will be praying for your meetings this week. Love you guys!

Michelle said...

looks like y'all are having such a great time! (yes, i do say "y'all")

can't wait to see the beauty of italy myself in just a few months!

C.A.F. said...

Wow you guys are busy! So glad you were able to get away for a bit! Hope the parent/teacher meeting goes well! I hope your furlough gets approved too! Can't wait to start making plans!