Monday, February 4, 2008


Here are the photos that many have been asking for. Samuel was exstatic to get his Spiderman costume and mask! He did not sleep well knowing that he would be able to wear his costume to school. We've made a note for next year not to tell him until the day of as it was a long week for him (okay, for us). He said it was "Spiderman Day" at school, maybe due to the fact that there were many other little boys in the popular attire. He had a fun time with his classmates and at the pizza party. Emma did not want to be left out and she refused to put on her princess costume dress. Thankfully, the Superman costume was handy and she was just as thrilled to play superhero with Samuel all week. You can see her intense Superman face in the pics above. Samuel studied the picture on the costume bag and made sure he had the right finger placement to throw his web. He worked hard at pefecting his precise pose.

For those who might desire a lesson in Italian culture and history of Carnevale, I have copied an excerpt I found on the web for your education and enjoyment:

Origins of Carnevale

Carnevale (or Carnivale, or Carnavale, alternate spellings you may find), is a festival which can trace its roots back to the Roman Saturnalia, a festival held in mid-December to honor the god Saturn with feasting, gift giving and role reversal. As often happened with such festivals, Catholics found a way to work the festival into their own liturgical year.

One commonly accepted derivation of the word "carnival" is the Latin "carne vale" or "farewell to meat." Carnival was the final hurrah as winter headed towards spring, and the long Lenten season of fasting and abstinence. It was, perhaps, not only a last chance to indulge the passions of the flesh, but an opportunity to consume any meat which had been put up for winter that might not stay fresh enough for consumption until spring brought the end of Lent and Easter.

Because of its ties to the liturgical calendar, Carnivale varies in length. It can be considered to begin with the feast of Epiphany (the 12th day of Christmas) on January 6, and always ends on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The Lenten season is the 40 days before Easter, which falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Confused yet? Don't worry about it. In 2003 Lent starts on Wednesday, March 5, which means the last day of Carnivale is Shrove Tuesday, March 4. (If you've never heard of Shrove Tuesday, perhaps you've heard of "Fat Tuesday" -- also known in French as Mardi Gras, or in Italian as Martedi Grasso. Is it all becoming clear now?)

Carnivale is celebrated with enthusiasm around the world; in the US the celebration in New Orleans is best known. In Brazil, Carnivale in Rio is famous (or infamous) for its wild abandon. Many cities in Italy have maintained or revived their traditions of Carnivale; especially well-known among them are Venice and Florence.

While Carnivale has a rich history and ancient roots in Italy, the festival remains a vital and contemporary celebration. A simple web search will reveal many images of celebrants in both historical and contemporary costumes. One of the common elements found throughout the tradition has remained the Carnivale mask.


Ben & Melissa said...

We are cracking up over here at those intense super heroes!

Papa & Nano said...

WOW!!! LOOK at that web!! Samuel, you are amazing! If I didn't know it was Samuel David Kleis behind that mask, I definately would say it is SPIDER MAN! And, Emma! Your face shows a face of a true heroine! Papa and Nano are so happy to have grandchildren who are fearless. You be sure and protect your baby brother from those scary spiders and bugs! He'll need you two!

We love harboring these stories! We play these memories over in our minds and it brings BIG smiles to our faces and hearts. Thank you for your wonderful imaginations, Samuel and Emma!

Loving you forever,
Papa & Nano

C.A.F. said...

I love it!! I wonder what Super Hero Luca will be. I love you guys!!

Mom and Dad Kleis said...

We're so glad to have such brave superhero grandkids! If I didn't know it was Sam behind that Spiderman mask, I would think it was Peter Parker visiting Italy!
Costumes are so much fun, and I
love to see all the imagination!
(Dad and I were just talking last night about what a great imagination Jonathan had!)

Love to you all,
Mom and Dad Kleis

tara said...

Looks like Carnivale was definitely enjoyed by Samuel and Emma!! Very fun pictures. Ethan has a Batman costume, maybe they can all wear them together in April=)