Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Samuel

Five years ago today God blessed us with our first son. We are so thankful for our Samuel David and for his vivacious spirit and enthusiasm for life. Lately, he has been talking a lot about how he wants to grow to be a man of God. This is really important to him and we are thankful for all the teaching moments this has given us to help him understand what is required for him to someday become just that. He understands it is not just growing in stature. We pray for his little life each day and that he will indeed give his heart to follow Jesus.

We had planned a big birthday celebration for him to take place yesterday, but surprises of surprises...Jonathan and I both came down with the flu on Friday night. We were completely out with weakness of body and nauseousness all through the weekend. The kids were in full strength so it made for an interesting weekend of them learning to fend for themselves as much as possible (i.e. changing movies, bringing the juice to me on the couch for me to refill cups, and making other errands for us) We are feeling better but completely void of energy. Going up and down the stairs is deserving enough of a half hour rest period. Pray for strengthening of bodies and that the kids stay healthy.

However, TODAY is Samuel's birthday and the mother in me just could not NOT do something special for him. So with trembling hands here is Samuel's birthday "Cookie" made with so much love. (The John Deere Tractor Cake is YET to come!) He opened some gifts after lunch today and really LOVED the space themed gifts (books, cards, Legos). We plan to reschedule the birthday party for this coming weekend, granted no further illnesses invade our home. Here are some pics and hopefully a video if I can get it to download correctly.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday (yesterday) to Grandma! We love you and can't wait to see you!


Papa & Nano said...

WOW!!!!! Look at that cookie!!
Oh, Samuel, what a special day this has been for you! Happy 5th Birthday! We were certainly with you in thought and prayer. You are growing up to be a great man of God. Your mama & dada are teaching you so well and it warms our hearts to see you learning. Thank you for sharing all the fun with us.
Can hardly wait to see "the cake" to come!! Your mama is something else!
Hats off again to her again and again!
Loving you all so much!!

Jennie and Miguel Morel said...

Samuel...Happy Birthday from the Dominican Republic! We wish so much that we were closer to be able to celebrate these special times with you. Keep asking God what it is to be a man of will never be sorry for seeking God the way you are. We love you so much! Happy Birthday!
love, aunt jennie and uncle miguel

Ben & Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! We were thinking of you all day and so wished we could have been there to help eat that giant cookie of your's! You are growing up too fast. It amazes us to see the changes in your life as each year passes by. Keep striving to be a man of God! We love you very much and can't wait to see you soon!
love, Uncle Ben, Aunt Meli, and cousin Maddie

C.A.F. said...

Happy Birthday Samuel!! I think that's the biggest cookie I've ever seen!! I can't believe you got legos!! I can't wait to play legos with you in "the" california!! I love you so much!

Mom and Dad Kleis said...

Happy Birthday to our precious Samuel! We can hardly believe it has been five years since we first held you in our arms! We are so excited to see how God is working in your life and are counting the days until we can give you, Emma, Luca and Mama and Dada a big hug and kiss!

Munga and Grandma