Monday, February 25, 2008

The Party.

Yesterday we took some time to celebrate Samuel’s 5th birthday with some friends. More had planned to come last week but unfortunately with us having to change the date some were unable to come or were either sick. Nonetheless, it was a good time of fellowship with those that came.

The kids could hardly contain themselves knowing there was a party, presents and cake to dive in to. I made Samuel’s cake on Saturday afternoon so it was a “long” time until Sunday evening for him. I got caught up in conversation and forgot to take more pictures but this is what we do have from the event.

Noella & Barbara

Ivana & Danilo

I thought I would write a couple of funny quirks about Samuel. We call him our little “Monk.”

  • He can’t stand it when the Ketchup bottle is upside down. He has to have the lettering right side up and faced towards him if it on the table.

  • All his food has to be separated…not on separate plates like Monk, thankfully.

  • The other night we had spaghetti and there was one noodle sitting on top of the sauce and he was really getting upset saying “Fix-it, fix-it! It has to go under!”

  • If he receives a set of cars, in the future he has to play with every one that came in the set and he knows if one is missing after months of not touching them.

It would be nice if he applied this orderliness and desire for things to be “just so” to picking up his toys!


Papa & Nano said...

Wow! We can hear the engine on that one! That is an amazing cake, Samuel. Your mama needs to open a cake shop. You and Emma and Luca can sell lemonade! We are so happy you had a fun time at your party. Happy 5th Birthday! We love you so very much!

C.A.F. said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great party! Once again, the cake looks amazing, Noella!

Ben & Melissa said...

Once again I'm very impressed by your artistic abilities Noella. That's so special the kids can always look fwd to what the cake is going to be each year. Wished we could have been there to take part in the birthday celebration! We miss you guys! love, Ben