Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Results Are In

Thank you to all those who were upholding me in your prayers today for my language exam. I so appreciate your concern and desire to see us suceed in speaking the language. It forever will be a point of growth for us, so keep praying for all us including the kids. Our main goal (ministry) over these past three years has been to learn the language and culture without which how can we ever expect to reach others here. We give God the glory for allowing us to make some major significant steps in the process.

I had a good night of sleep for the most part and had a peace going in to the exam. After 4 hours of stress and tension taking the exam I am pretty much destroyed! Seriously, I felt like throwing up the final hour of the exam and pretty much went straight to bed when we got home around 2:30pm. I really hope it was stress related and not an oncoming illness. It took a while for me to get my brain in gear and untangle the mess of grammar rules and verb conjugations that where spilling out of my brain. I don't remember how many sections there were but I do have to retake two: listening/reading comprehension and another section filled with pronouns, prepositions and the like. I am pleased to have passed all the other parts and this will much relieve me of some stress on furlough. I will plan to retake these two sections by the end of the year along with completing some other writing projects.

Anyway, that's the latest. Now I can fully focus on packing suitcases and home for 5 months in our remaining 8 days! Where does one begin??


Ben & Melissa said...

congratulations Noella! great job on passing most of the exam...i bet you are so relieved. Praise God! i hope you haven't come down with an illness. we are thinking of you guys in these next 8 days. i'm so excited to see you guys! I can't believe it will be 3yrs. since we last saw you in person...webcam doesn't count however we are so thankful for it:) i love you so much!

Ben & Melissa said...

maddie says, "yeah Aunt Noella!"

tara said...

Yay, it's over for now and so wonderful that you passed so much of it...can't imagine how stressful it felt and so glad you have it behind you. Hope you are feeling better now and can concentrate on packing!!! Can't wait to see you guys!