Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Thursday

This Thursday Noella's paternal grandfather, Campa [Elmer], will be having open heart surgery. We would so appreciate your prayers for this wonderful man of God of nearly 87 years of age. The doctors are optimistic about the surgery, one major reason being for Campa's extreme optimism and joy. If ever there was a more determined, perseverant, hard-working (still going to farm daily with dad) and joyful person it would be him. No matter how much pain he is in, "everything is always just great!" We praise the Lord that Campa is a believer and as my dad said to me, "it is a win-win outcome." However, we pray that his days will be prolonged with us. Keep my dad, Jay, in your prayers as well as he and his dad are very close.

Addmition to the Hospital: Wednesday @ 10 am (California time)
Surgery: Thursday @ 7:15 am
Also, we will be flying back to the States on Thursday. We would so appreciate your prayers and especially for the kids. During this past week, Noella, Emma & Luca got the flu again and Samuel acquired a really bad ear infection on Sunday. Pray that the medications will heal his ear quickly and that there will be no problems for him during the flight. Here is our itinerary:
3:00 am - depart from home
7:10 am - fly from Milan to Frankfurt
10:15 am - fly from Frankfurt to Detroit
2:35 pm - Arrive in Detroit
Drive 3 hours to Munga & Grandma's house in Hudsonville, MI

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