Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunny Weather. Foggy Brain.

This past week for me has been nothing more than studying every free moment that I could find. Thankfully, there was lots of sunshine so the kids were less inclined to climb all over me while studying on the front porch. I don't understand why Jonathan can study and read without the kids yanking on his arm, jumping on his back and trying to divert his attention. With me, as soon as a book comes out I'm like a magnet to them and my reading time includes three kids climbing in to my lap and saying "Mamma, mamma" every 10 seconds. I have a fantastic husband and he has been doing his best to create the extra study time (kid free) for me this week. Please pray for me on Tuesday at 9:30 am (4:30 am EST--the night before works as well too!) I am a tad anxious to get this test over with and Lord willing I will be able to successfully pass most of it. The exam will take about 3 hours to complete and includes: written, essay, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, reading out loud and speaking. Pray for a good nights rest as my ability to think in Italian greatly depends on my state of mind and alertness. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

"Our State of Health Address": A week ago we took Samuel and Emma to the doctors and came away with both of them being diagnosed with ear infections and Emma having bronchitis. The antibiotics cleared things up real quick and this week Luca acquired a strong cough. We took him in to the Dr. and he was given an "all clear" report and the cough syrup prescribed is working effectively for him too. Friday night we think Samuel came down with stomach flu. He was vomitting from midnight to about 3am every 15 minutes. We finally took him downstairs so Luca could get some sleep and it amazes us how alert Samuel can be during the night. He slept from 3-6am and was feeling fine in the morning with just a diminished appetite. Jonathan and I were dragging like none other for the whole day. This kid has far too much energy! What 5 year old can function on 6 hours of sleep and act like he got 13?! Today we are well....we'll see what this week holds for us.


Papa & Nano said...

Praying for you, Noella and for the strength to get through on Tuesday. God is faithful!
So anxious for all of you to be on homeground. Love you all, mom.

tara said...

I have been and will keep praying for your test--you can do it!!! I'll be waiting to hear how it went. Hope all of you are healthy by now. The stomach flu is the worst--I don't know how kids can function on so little sleep either...not fair to parents=)

C.A.F. said...

Hey Noella, I'm praying for you right now and hope your test goes so well! I know all your studying is going to pay off! I love you so much!


I have been praying for you and your test. Hope it went well this morning. It is 0600 here right now.
Can't wait to catch up with you in person. Less than a month until we get to see you!

Ben & Melissa said...

We are praying for you Noles! We know you will do your best and the rest will be in God's hands. We love you! Good Luck.