Friday, March 28, 2008

We Made It!

The flu hit Jonathan on Wednesday morning and the extra help with the last minute packing was left in my hands. Thankfully we knew that the flu would only last 24 hours, but the amount of energy and fluids it sucked out of him was certainly not what we had in mind the day before taking off. We managed thanks to a last minute plea for your prayers on our behalf. God certainly sustained us yesterday in our long and weary day of traveling.

We left home around 3:30am and everything went really smoothly with our flights. Okay, so we did have moments of crying and complaining kids, but can you really blame them? In a 24 hour block of time Samuel & Emma only slept 2 hrs and Luca 3 hrs. When we landed in Detroit Samuel was at breaking point and was crying and asking every 5 seconds..."Where is the Michigan??" We could not reason sense in to him with our answer of saying, "This is it! We're here!" I'm not sure what he was expecting. Maybe one giant amusement park? I guess their dreams were realized when we finally reached Munga & Grandma's house. Emma threw up all the way home in the car, too many goldfish crackers on a shear exhausted little body and car sickness.

It was so precious to see the kids greet their grandparents. Seeing them run and wrap their arms around their necks easily launched me in to tears (I wasn't the only one crying). Our bodies are very tired and our internal clocks are still set on Italian time. Fully waking up and seeing 2:30am on the clock is not really the best feeling to have. The boys woke up at 4am with the same problem and Emma was the only one who slept according to Michigan time.

Yesterday it was raining and snowing on the way home. We woke up to a good covering of snow but are thankful the sun is melting it quickly. We left spring and came to winter!!

More later...

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C.A.F. said...

SO glad you made it!! It's 12:16 in Iraq so I guess I can be the first one to wish Luca a Happy Birthday!!!! I love you Luca and hope you have a great party in the Michigan!! Can't wait to hear all about it!