Friday, March 12, 2010

Band Member {Again}

For those who know Jonathan well, you would know that in his "second life" he would make his living playing in a band. Not to say he regrets anything about what he is doing now...most definitely not!! It's just a way to say how much he really loves music, the art of playing, composing and performing. Just after Jonathan and I met in college he joined/created a band, "Saving Face." Thankfully, a name change did occur which led to "Semblance." For five years he was thrilled to be playing gigs on weekends, and I was the proud groupie following them from place to place. He has never given up his passion for writing and throughout our married years he continues to create and record as time allows.

Last September, Jonathan began to build a relationship with one of his English students who owns a small music store in Caselle. While the store is not a money maker due to a larger shop here in Leini, this guy builds his own Amps as his main source of income. Some pretty amazing and mouth watering stuff from what Jonathan has told me. Apparently, this guys band recently broke up and he is looking to reform. D. has heard some demos of stuff that Jonathan has written and was impressed enough to ask him to join his band. So on Monday night Jonathan is meeting the rest of the band members. The guys have mainly performed covers in the past (very much an Italian in-thing to do), but D. told Jonathan he wants to play Jonathan's original music. His presence was wanted enough that the guys changed their practice nights just to accommodate Jonathan's schedule.

So who knows where this will go. I guess we'll see what the expectations are after Monday night's meet. At minimum he will have met two other new friends who share a passion for music. We were joking about our whole "RE:" theme we have going on and got a good laugh over the thought of this band becoming "ReSemblance." (Andrew, Jason, Mark and guys will forever hold a special place in our memories of the glory days of Semblance)

P.S. If you are wondering what happened to the Guitar Club idea, that is still on the radar and will start up in September.

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Munga and Gramma said...

Excited that Jonathan has a chance to enjoy a different outlet for his love of music! We look forward to hearing more about the group...

Mom and Dad Kleis