Friday, March 19, 2010

Luna Park

Tomorrow Spring officially begins--yeah, for Spring time!! With that also begins the season of street fairs and festivals here that will carry on through mid-fall. Many cities welcome spring with a city festival. This weekend Leini' will celebrate. Each year they also bring in a "Luna Park" for the children. However, this is the first year in which we actually took the kids. It was our "Family Fun Night" for this week and man, did the kids enjoy it! We treated them to 4 rides and that is about all our pockets could handle even with our coupons. But hey, it was so worth it to see their smiles and giddy excitement over these simple rides.

Luca loves the Italian "line" system here. Whoever gets their first gets the ride. Speed and aggressiveness is a must--which is no problem for Luca!

It was a great evening just with sweatshirts. We've been in the upper 50s all week, which for my boys constitutes as t-shirt weather. Emma and I are holding out for the 60s at least.

Samuel pulled down the dangling "mop" to win a free ride. Which of course meant another ride for his siblings too. *Notice* the absence of seatbelts on these rides? Luca gave my heart a scare when he tried to reach over and touch the lights on the extended arms while up in the air. That was his last turn on that ride!


Ben and Melissa said...

dangling mop? How interesting... is that an Italian thing or have I just not been to many street fairs! Glad to see you guys had such a good time on your Family Night! The kids are looking older and older each post! Love you guys!
Aunt Melly

Jonathan and Noella said...

A stuffed monkey was holding this mop that was attached with a clothes pin. The whole thing was attached to a cord. The operator would pull on the cord making it rise and fall over the kids while riding. The kid that successfully pulls it off gets a free ride. Maybe it's a European thing.

Munga and Gramma said...

What great pictures! The Italian system for these rides seems to favor the fearless (Luca) and the tall (Samuel). Love to see the kids having fun.....thanks for the post!

Munga and Gramma