Monday, March 29, 2010

Luca is FOUR


Our precious baby of the family, how can it be four years already since we welcomed you in to the world?! Luca, you bring so much life, energy, joy, laughter and love to our family. We are so thankful for just who God has made you. We wouldn't trade you for the world! We pray that you will trust in Jesus and make him king of your life at a young age. We pray that all that fierce determination and will in your personality will be directed and energized to serving Jesus unwaveringly and zealously in your future. We are excited to witness how God will mature you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually this coming year. You are our precious little buddy and we love you SO SO much, Luca!

We started the birthday celebrations for Luca over the weekend and finished them out today. We had a small gathering of friends over on Saturday afternoon. We had originally planned to have a party on Sunday afternoon, but then on Friday we found out some families could no longer come on Sunday. We did a last minute switch to Saturday and I was glad that although it was a little rushed in getting a cake done and house cleaned etc. that I was able to then totally relax and recoup on Sunday.

Luca has recently gotten in to playing Super Mario Bros. Wii with his siblings. He was very excited about the idea of having a Mario birthday cake. I had a blast making it and just wish I had more cake space to place all the added figures that I had made. The cake was made from buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant...everything is edible!

I think that pretty much captures all sides of the cake

Mario popping out of the clouds

Patrizia & Aurora (neighbors and classmate of Samuel's)

Aurora and Emma love playing together...finally a girl to play with for Emma!

This morning Luca opened up presents from family and enjoyed some outside playtime with some new games and toys, helped washed the van and now is napping for the afternoon. Funny how Samuel was more excited about today than Luca. The first thing Samuel said as he popped up in his bed was "LUCA! Happy Birthday!"

Thank you Papa & Nano for my outdoor play toys...bat/ball, frisbee, bouncy ball, racket/birdie

New jammies from Munga & Gramma...couldn't wait til bedtime for these. Who says you can't sport new jammies all day?

Playing outdoor Twister game from Mamma, Dada & siblings.


Ben and Melissa said...

We're so glad you had a really fun birthday Luca!! You are growing up so fast. We too pray that someday you will surrender your life to Jesus. God has amazing things in store for you. Noella, that cake was one of my favorites....can i get one for my bday?:) Love you all so much!!

Munga and Gramma said...

Happy, happy birthday big boy! It looks like you had such a fun day.
We enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" to you this morning- we know you were excited to get outside and play with your new toys. We pray for you every day and look forward to the day when you ask Jesus to be your Saviour- another birthday to celebrate!

Munga and Gramma

teamfish said...

Happy Birthday Luca!! We love you and miss you. Wish we could have tasted some of your cake!

Jay said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Luca! You certainly are a joy and blessing to us all. You are learning so much and we are so proud of you. We love you so very much! It looked like your party was so much fun! We love your cake!! What fun little figures your mommy made. She works all her love into making such yummy cakes!.
God's continued blessings on your little life.......Happy birthday Luca!!
Papa & Nano

Jonathan and Noella said...

@Ben: I would love to make a cake for you bro! Maybe I can work something up on our vacation to celebrate the 3 June birthdays. =)


Looks like a great birthday. Still can't believe he is 4. Great cake! Such detail. You have a real talent. Enjoy your family time.