Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lisbon :: Portugal

Jonathan recently attended a Leader's Conference in Lisbon, February 22-26, for those working in Western Europe with our mission. When people have asked about his trip this has been his response: "The conference was great, but the trip was bad!" I'll explain briefly. Jonathan and two other colleagues from Italy flew out of Torino on Monday afternoon. The trip began with delays and kept that trend up for each leg of the trip both in going and returning. When they arrived in Lisbon, none of them received their luggage. Upon inquiry and tracking of the bags, they were told that 2 bags would be there later that night and the other never left the Torino airport. But not to worry they would send it to Rome (?!) to be rerouted to them in Lisbon. Interesting because their flight route was from Torino-Madrid-Lisbon. Jonathan was the owner of that 3rd bag. Tuesday rolled around and the airline told them they had 2 bags but would wait on the third before delivering. One bag arrived at lunchtime and the other at dinnertime on Tuesday.

Jonathan still in his same traveling clothes and no toothbrush etc. finally was taken to a store on Wednesday to acquire some needy basic essentials. I'm sure all in attendance were very thankful too! Long story short, his bag finally showed up at the airport on Friday about an hour after he arrived there himself for his return flight home. Not having exchanged cell numbers with the Portugal contact left him clueless about the bags arrival. The bag was then rerouted back to Torino where we finally received in on the following Tuesday.

Upside to the story: I didn't have to do laundry after his trip. He got some new underclothes and was even able to find antiperspirant deodorant in Portugal! And it made for a memorable trip.

The conference was good as they examined much in the toolbox of leadership. The fellowship was even sweeter and always serves as such a refreshing time for Jonathan to interact with other men in similar circumstances and challenges. He took a lot of pictures as he at least had his camera's in hand. Here are a few pics:

Where they stayed. A Christian school started by our mission was also attached to this complex.

From the balcony overlooking Lisbon below at sunrise.

It rained all but one afternoon during that week. They took advantage of the break in rain and toured the city just a bit. The port in Lisbon was where many explorers departed from and this world map gives a history of their discoveries.

Everyone ate very well. This custard type pastry originated in Lisbon and they ate at the original bakery where it was first produced. I am told they were fabulous!

"Steak on a rock." This one-person serving was given to you to then cut yourself, adding your desired seasonings from the bowls above to then cook on the pipping hot rock. Sounds fun!

I believe this is the maritime museum.
The only people-shot captured on film.

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Munga and Gramma said...

Thanks for posting the pictures!
We are so grateful that Jonathan had an opportunity to fellowship with other men who are of like mind and heart. And thankful that the Lord kept your family safe while he was gone.

We love you!
Mom and Dad Kleis