Monday, October 8, 2007

Points of Prayer

  • Munga and Grandma left this morning to return Michigan. Pray for physical and emotional strength for their long journey home. Pray also for the kids, they are missing them already and keep asking to go to The Michigan. The concept of seeing them in six months is not understandable to them. We were so blessed by their visit!
  • Tuesday at 9am (EST) Miguel has his interview at the Italian Consolate in the Dominican Republic. Please pray that he will be granted a tourist visa so that he and Jennie can join us for Christmas. The papertrail already has been ridiculously complicated and difficult, pray that all his documents will be accepted and that they will have a definitive answer tomorrow. (For those who don't know...Jennie is also pregnant and due in May! So excited for another niece or nephew!)
  • We have been officially approved for our furlough from April to September 2008. Now we begin the process of scheduling visits at our supporting churches, seeking new supporters as we are $600/month undersupported, and visits with family. If your church is looking to take on new missionaries let us know!
  • Pray for two of my friends: Giulia was 3 1/2 months pregnant with her second child when they found out that the baby did not have a brain. They removed the baby last week. Please pray for her, her husband, Lino and 10 year old son, Rudolfo. Manuela is also pregnant and due with her second in just a few days. She will be having a c-section on the 17th. She can barely walk and is having very poor circulation in her arms and legs which is resulting in sleepless nights for her. Pray for strength on this final stretch. Pray that we might be able to be a special encouragement to these two families.


Michelle said...

thanks for sharing those specific things we can be lifting up on behalf of you. i will be praying!

tara said...

Praying that you all are adjusting to Jonathan's parents leaving with extra grace. Thanks for sharing everything to know how to pray more specifically. So glad your furlough got approved, hopefully that means we can fit in a time to see you all=) I'll be praying all works out for Jennie & Miguel to come with the rest of your family, what a special Christmas that will be!! Praying for you.

buyshoes said...

Hey Kleis'! Just wanted to let you know that you're being prayed for RIGHT're in my thoughts and I can't wait to see how God works through each one of these requests. Thanks for keeping us posted...Love you!