Saturday, October 6, 2007


The highlight of the week was Munga building the kids a sandbox. The materials were bought on Monday and thank goodness it was completely assembled the next day. We would have worked through the night just to stop Samuel from repeatedly saying every 30 seconds...put the sand in the sandbox! No joke about the time span there. If ever there was a persistent child, it would be Samuel. Emma kept asking for the beach and may have been slightly disappointed that there was no water to accompany the sand. Luca was pretty hesitant about putting his feet in the sand...come to think of it the last time he was at the beach was when he was 3 months old. He quickly joined in the fun and likes to disperse the sand across the yard. Thankfully the weather has been nice as well for them to enjoy some play time in beach attire.

Thank you Munga and Grandma!

Happy times with Grandma

"Appy" Luca

Munga working on winterizing our windows to prevent some major drafts and water

Samuel helping build the sandbox

A new found joy

Some serious playing and digging

Sand, sand everywhere!

Precious little feet


Papa & Nano said...

I see Happy Feet! Such joy! What wonderful grandparents the little ones have! Building sandboxes and memories....Can't wait to make some of our own soon! So happy all of you have had such a great time. We continue to pray for God's graces for all.


So fun to see your pics. How fun that the kids have a sandbox now and that Samuel helped construct it. Sounds like they are having lots of fun with grandparents. I didn't know that pumpkins were considered an American food elsewhere. Have you found any squash? Hadassah is eating solids now and trying out all kinds of squash. Have a wonderful Sunday.

tara said...

Yay for sandboxes!! Samuel, Emma and Luca look like they're having so much fun, I'm so glad you have one. So glad you all have been having such a great time, it looks like Jon's parents have been such a huge help and encouragement, I'm praying for strength and grace for all of you. I loved the sand feet picture, so precious.

tara said...

How did the furlough meeting go--did you get it approved?

Michelle said...

my favorite is the last pic - precious little feet indeed!

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" -- Rom 10:15

buyshoes said...

so much fun! I can help set up a little volleyball net and we can play some beach volleyball when we get there! Love you guys!

Ben & Melissa said...

So cool! It is so great to see the kids having fun in their new sand box. We love the pictures! Glad you guys had a wonderful time with the grandparents.