Saturday, October 20, 2007


This week we have been house bound with heavy colds, probably an upper respiratory infection for all and touch of influenza. Samuel stayed home from school all week and is still working his way through this nasty cold. The week has been abundant with sleepless nights, soar throats, fevers and throw up. We love that Samuel is able to go to pre-school but this is definitely not one of the aspects we enjoy...him bringing home all kinds of lovely germs. Oh well!
So to pass the time and make things fun we have played lots of dress up and made some crafts.

The other night as we began our family devotions Luca crawled up in to my lap looked straight in my eyes and pointed his index finger at me and said "YOUUU!" It was the funniest thing because he kept his lips in a perfect little O for the longest time. Of course, my burst of laughter and surprise of his language use just egged him on to keep doing it. So here's a pic of Luca saying "YOUUU"

"American Girl Dolls"

As a mother I would probably would never spend the money to buy a doll and matching clothes for my daughter. But hey, GRANDMOTHERS are totally allowed! Emma was very excited to match her baby. Samuel kept saying Emma is a "Cheetah" and she kept responding: "I'm not a cheetah, I'm a GIRL!"


C.A.F. said...

Such a great post! I love their outfits! I'm not sure what I think about Luca's shirt though...we'll have to work on that. :) And I know that him saying "Yoooouuuuu" is him just trying to say "U..S...C!" He's almost there! Way to go Luca! Can't wait to see you guys!

Papa & Nano said...

Soooo sweet! Thank you for those Kodak moments! So sorry to hear you're all down for the count. Praying for a quick recovery and more creativity!
Love and blessings to all!
p.s. You know, I think c.a.f. has something there?!

Papa & Nano said...

I'd get sick too if I were wearing that shirt. ha ha Better Luca says you over and over rather than me me me

Jonathan & Noella said...

c.a.f. and papa & nano: I guess that makes for an easy Christmas idea...we'll (rather, I)will be waiting for their USC gear!

Ben & Melissa said...

Hope the sickness ends soon! If Michigan can finally beat OSU this year then I say pull every MI shirt out and I'll even celebrate with you but if not then yes the shirts must be switched out for something better like SC.


Hey! Fun to see the pics and hear your update. We have all been sick this past week, too, so I can relate very well right now. I like Emma's outfit and doll. I had heard about those, but never actually seen them. Cute! Praying that you are all healthy, soon!

Lora said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures! They always brighten my day! What a wonderful way to spend a week that Samuel needed to be home...special times!

Not to contradict other family members, but I think Luca looks GREAT in Maize and Blue...and I also think that when he was saying "YOOOUUUUU!" he was trying
to say "YOOOUUUUU" "U...of..M!"

Munga and Grandma